Apr 16, 2009

Judge on

I have ALWAYS had to use the Table of Contents in my Bible to be able to find most books without trying really hard. I know roughly where Genesis, Exodus, Psalm, Proverbs, the Gospels and Revelation are (AND -- I'm about to show off, so buckle up -- I know that Psalm and Revelation are singular; Lamentations and Proverbs are the plural ones). But for the rest of it, I've always needed the good old ToC. (P.S. I was TERRIBLE at Bible Drills, and just thinking of them now makes me break out in a cold sweat.)

Today Sophie linked to a hilarious entry at Stuff Christians Like, titled "Judging People That Use the Table of Contents in Their Bible." And it made me laugh, so I'm passing it along.

1 comment:

RLR said...

Thanks for passing this link along - I may have to share it, too! By the way -
My name is RLR, and I have tabs on my Bible.

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