Apr 28, 2009

I KNEW it was too quiet out there

The boys were playing outside on Saturday when it suddenly went very quiet for a few minutes.

I went around the corner to see what was up, and I found this:

Two little busy beavers building a dam. They said it was to keep the water they'd splashed out of the baby pool from running into the neighbor's driveway.

Thoughtful of them, don'tcha think?

Of course, it came within an hour of this:

I now feel like I have reached my Official Capacity for Crap Covering My Children for the entirety of 2009.

So thanks for playing, boys. We'll be Living Clean for the next nine months.


Sarah T. said...

That's a Class A mud puddle they made. Good work, boys.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

It reminded me of when we used to play in the big mud puddle that formed under our mailbox in Southport. We used to make mudpies in it and stick them in the "oven" to bake (the mailbox). Mom LOVED that.

Sarah T. said...

Check your email. We delved into the muddy depths well younger than your boys. You should show that picture to them and tell them, "Here, let Mommy and Aunt Sarah Ellen show you how it's done."

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