Apr 16, 2009

I interrupt this blog silence to say ...

*** Updated with photos ***

I'll be posting a more in-depth, personal first-birthday post for Jake later this evening, but I had to relate a funny story ...

We are celebrating Jake's birthday next weekend at our house with a very small gathering. We'll have just our little family (my parents and sister can't come this year) and Jake's teachers from school. Other than our family, those women are the most important people in his life, so I can't think of more fitting g
uests to help celebrate his big day.

What is so funny to me is that one of the teachers brought a birthday cake to school for him today, a
nd by 9:30 they'd already sung Happy Birthday to him twice. (Um, SPOIL MY CHILD MUCH?) They're doin' it up big for Jakey today, and this will be his first cake. Yep, his first cake. I'd assumed that his cake AT HIS PARTY NEXT WEEKEND would be his first cake, that I'd be there taking pictures of it, that we'd all get to watch him slather the icing all over himself and the high chair, that I'd be throwing him in the tub to clean the blue gunk out of his ears and eyebrows. Nope.

Jake and Miss Angela, who shares his birthday:

Jake and Ms. Ann, who was his teacher for months and then became assistant director of the center (Go, Ms. Ann!) -- you may remember her from December when she came to see Jakey in the hospital:

Jake with Ms. Faye and Ms. Ann -- Ms. Faye has been taking care of him since he was a newborn:

Ms. Amy and Ms. Leslie, who are his "new" teachers in his Big Boy class, where he's been spending most of his days now that [everyone insists] that he's growing up:

And last but certainly not least, Miss Anna, who has been babysitting for us for almost five years and who has known Jakey since before he was even a twinkle in our eyes:

But how can I possibly deny these precious women the pleasure? They obviously have such a heart for him and want to help him celebrate on His Actual Birthday. So even though I can't be there to catch it myself, I left my camera with them this morning -- hopefully they'll get a few shots -- so I can see it tonight. We are so blessed to have caregivers who love our children so, so much.

And now that I've thought it through more carefully, it will actually be NICE for him to come home ha
ving enjoyed it all -- and to ALREADY have clean ears and eyebrows. I'll get the pleasure of cleaning him up next weekend.

And I also have to note that THEY TOOK 88 PICTURES! Ladies, you astound me.


RLR said...

What a special 1st birthday party you have planned! I think it's super that you invited his teachers. They sound wonderful - bringing him a cake to school! - though I would probably shed a tear or two if I missed out on one of my kids' first birthday cakes. I'm sure they got some great pictures, and imagine how excited Jake will be to get MORE cake this weekend! My daughter was not at all excited by her first cake, and ate almost NONE of it. She did better with the second cake (we had a family party on her actual birthday and then a party with friends the following weekend).

Sarah T. said...

That was so great of them--he looks like he definitely enjoyed it!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Ryan Leigh, I know what you mean about shedding a tear or two ... it was a little hard when I thought about it, but they could just as easily have done it and not even told me they were going to do it, so I was really happy to know in advance. I think next week's cake will be as much fun, if not more fun, for him, so I'm looking forward to it but am glad he got to celebrate with his "close friends" today. Among the 88 pictures were several of his little friends at school, all of whom seemed to have a great time!

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