Mar 1, 2009

Our family's little fighter

You may notice that I've added a "Praying for Jonah" button to my sidebar to help remind me to pray for him during the day. (If you click on it, it takes you directly to Patrice's blog.) I also wanted to recap their day briefly, as I may do from time to time here. But I don't want to discourage people from going to Patrice's blog, so please know that there's much more detail, specific prayer requests, and photos of Jonah there.

Matt and Patrice were able to meet Jonah's whole team of doctors and nurses today, for which they were very thankful. They've decreased his pain meds and changed his medication schedule, hoping to better manage his pain and, at the same time, decrease the chance that he will stop breathing again (as he did once yesterday).

They don’t truly know the state of his mouth and throat, but he does seem to have some lesions in his mouth. (The ENT probably won’t see him until later this week.) Right now their biggest concern is that he needs to eat but will not take the milk Patrice pumped for him. If he doesn’t start eating soon, they’ll have to put a feeding tube down his throat, which could cause more internal lesions.

A gastrointestinal doctor will see him tomorrow and the ophthalmologist will come on Wednesday.

Thank you for your concern for Jonah, and please keep the prayers coming!

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