Mar 4, 2009

Back off, ladies ... he's mine.

I just had the following conversation. Seriously.

Me: "I've noticed that Nathaniel's really developed an interest in iCarly. These days when I walk in after work and ask what he's watching, that's usually it."

Grayson: "Yeah, I think in general it's a better show. It's better than Hannah Montana."

Me: "It's cute. I haven't seen Hannah Montana, though."

Grayson: "Well, Miley Cyrus and Miranda Cosgrove are in the same league, but Miranda has a more talented supporting cast."

Me: [blink]

1 comment:

Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

Your husband and my husband would get along GREAT.....he knows more about all those shows than is normal for a 39 year old man. Ha! We like iCarly, too...Hannah Montana is so yesterday! ;)

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