Mar 8, 2009

Eleven things you will never hear me say

11. "I hate lists."
10. "I didn't bring my camera."
9. "Yummm ... shrimp!"
8. "I can't WAIT to go running!"
7. "I'm giving up sweets for Lent."
6. "Whatever ... I'm not picky."
5. "No, seriously. Let's go camping."
4. "I don't want Mexican; I just had it two days ago."
3. "Unplug TiVo. I'm done."
2. "Bleccch. That's too sweet."
1. "OK, we can name him Tariq."

And, coincidentally, right after I finished this post, I had lunch with my friends Lisa and Laura. Laura asked what we wanted for dessert, and Lisa said, "Nothing chocolatey. I don't feel like chocolate today." So let's just go ahead and chalk that up as Number 12.


Sarah T. said...

Seeing as you're not Catholic, I didn't know you'd ever given up anything for Lent. I know non-Catholic people who do it as an exercise in self-discipline, but I wasn't aware of you ever having done it. Anyway, you'll never hear me say: "What color dress should my bridesmaids wear?" or "Cereal is only for breakfast."

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

You are correct. I have never given anything up for Lent. I do not actually even know when Lent is, but I keep hearing people talking about giving things up for it. But if I WERE going to give something up, it would not be sweets. I think I would give up running.

amy - directionally challenged said...

found your blog through the Nesting Place. Had to laugh at this post - 'cause I kept thinking... did I write this?

Thanks for the giggle (and I love your blog!)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Amy, Glad to know there's someone else out there like me! Thanks for clicking through from Nesting Place.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

#5 and #8....same thing right? Two things that people say are fun. If I need a shower afterward - it's not fun.

Anything that makes me unnecessarily sweaty and/or dirty is out. Unless, of course, it's in the name of crafting and then all bets are off.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Rebecca, I suppose if you told me I could SCRAPBOOK while I was camping, I might consider it. :)

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