Mar 9, 2009

Things I am irrational about (an incomplete list)

1. Mrs. [My Last Name]. Now that Nathaniel is in Kindergarten, I am called "Mrs. [My Last Name]" quite often. I understand that it's considered polite, but it honestly makes me want to kick the offender in the teeth when I hear it. It's not the kids that are doing it ... it's the moms and the staff at school who don't know me. The kids call me "Nathaniel's mom! Nathaniel's mom!" when they want to get my attention, which I actually think is quite endearing.

2. Infrequent posting. I read a lot of blogs, or at least, a lot compared to the number many people read. Some bloggers have ruined me for everyone else ... PW, I'm talking to you. Not only does she update every day (even on weekends most of the time), but she has several different pages on her site ... and she updates them ALL regularly. Anyway, Ree would be surprised to know how
disappointed I am when I visit and she hasn't posted anything new in the last, oh, five hours.

3. Six (6). I do my fair share of copy editing in my job, and I run across a lot of references to numbers that drive me crazy. I know that not everyone adheres to the AP Style rule of spelling out numbers under 10 and using numerals for numbers over 10, but the habit of spelling out a number and following it immediately with the numeral in parentheses just really gets my goat.

4. Dieting and exercise. There has GOT to be a more pleasant way to lose weight. I'm currently in the middle of a particularly "committed" period in which I'm running every day and am watching what I eat more closely. And, as usual, my thoughts are constantly consumed by those two things. I don't think Normal People obsess over it so much.

5. Paula Abdul's wardrobe. Why does it matter to me what she wears? I have no answer for that. But I do know that I don't like anything she wears on Idol, and the garments (I watch Project Runway! Holla!) she chooses for red-carpet events are APPALLING. Along with her jewelry line, which can only be described as "unfortunate." I'd just like to be able to look at her without developing an eye twitch, but that is becoming impossible.

1 comment:

Sarah T. said...

3. We have to do that in all legal documents, and I agree, it's annoying.
4. Doubt it, or someone would've made a mint off it by now.
5. I don't watch AI, but from what I can tell, they just keep her on for the perverse entertainment value of her utter ridiculousness as a person.

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