Mar 1, 2009

... and then pigs flew

Three inches, and it's still coming down. I can barely contain my excitement. Here are some pictures of our Winter Wonderland.

I apologize for taking a picture of my grill. It is possibly the least interesting picture I've ever posted on my blog. But, you know. Snow in Alabama. The grill is a pretty effective measuring stick.

We didn't know that the climbing wall could be improved upon, but apparently, SNOW makes it MUCH BETTER.

Grayson Googled "snow cream" and made a yummy batch. The boys thought it was incredible, and Nicholas had three helpings. Then he picked up his bowl and drank the liquid left in the bottom.

Why, yes, we DO have Star Wars spoons. And cups. And bowls. And T-shirts. And bedsheets. You really just don't want to know. I believe it has gotten, as the professionals would say, "OUT OF HAND."

Jake's first time to see snow as very exciting. He wasn't sure what to make of the bright-white landscape.

However, he was game to check it out. He reached out to the handrail and grabbed a chunk of snow. "Hmmm."

"Since I am 10 months old, I think I will stick this unknown substance straight into my mouth to assess it."

"Also since I am 10 months old, I have no words to express my displeasure, but I can certainly make a FACE. Done and done."

"I really am not sure about this at all, but I will impress Mommy by not crying one bit. Then maybe she will hold me the entire rest of the day while we are stuck inside our house with nowhere to go. This sounds like a great plan. I am BRILLIANT."

Nick refused to let me fold the edge of his cap up so that he could see more effectively. Since he wasn't COMPLAINING of not being able to see effectively, I was not going to argue with a 4-year-old over it. And yes, the same kid who wears his Halloween T-shirt the day after Christmas also wears his Christmas sweater in March. Since I am happy that he gets dressed AT ALL, again, no arguments from Mommy in favor of season-appropriate apparel.

Our neighbors kindly let us borrow their discs to slide down our humble hill in the snow. Here's Grayson showing the boys How It's Done.

"Mommy, my nose is running and I have FROST on my EYELASHES. I plan to grab your camera and throw it down into the snow so that you will take me inside. And I love you vewwy much. And I am only 10 months old, so you cannot be mad at me if I break your camera."

"Seriously, Mommy. My nose is red and it's running like a faucet. Let's go in so you can hooooooold me."


Sarah T. said...

Oh my goodness. When Jakey makes that face, he gets dimples on his forehead. How is it possible for one human to contain so much cuteness?

purejoy said...

sweet photos. loved every one of them. even the one with the snot!
joining you in praying for sweet jonah.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Thank you so much, purejoy! And thank you for praying for Jonah. We know God can give us a miracle!

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