Feb 17, 2009

Redefining self-sufficiency

Have you heard that we're up for Parents of the Year? No?

Sunday night, Nathaniel threw up in the minivan on the way home from the dollar-movie showing of "The Tale of Despereaux." (Seemed like a bargain on the way to the theatre ... not as much on the way home.) When they got home, I had to wrestle Nathaniel out of his wet, sticky clothes and get him bathed quickly while Grayson cleaned up the car and the car seat before it could set. Unfortunately, this action all coincided with Jake's scheduled bedtime bottle.

I had already been warming the bottle when they got home, and I could hear Jake screaming in the den all the way from my perch on the side of the bathtub as I was furiously scrubbing the frozen cherry drink mixed with buttered popcorn bits out of Nathaniel's hair. Then, miraculously, the screaming subsided. I thought, "Oh, good. Grayson finished the cleaning job, and now he's feeding Jakey."

After I got Nathaniel into his PJs, we wandered downstairs to find this:

Grayson had propped him up in front of "Little Einsteins" and handed him his bottle, and he was three-quarters done with it by the time I found him. At first I felt terribly guilty, but then I realized that he was just so pleased with himself that he could barely stand it (Jake, not Grayson ... although Grayson was pretty pleased with his solution, too). After I snapped the picture, Jake put the bottle aside, rolled over and sat up and belched just a little bit. At 10 months old, he can practically babysit himself.

Yep. Parents of the Year.


Sarah T. said...

You were just doing what you had to do. He's so adorable, and he does look happy as he can be. Perfect example of how us younger kids turn out so independent and self-sufficient! =)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I know. While I was standing there with the camera, he kept cutting his eyes over to me to make sure I was looking. Too cute.

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