Feb 20, 2009

Houston, we have mobility.

Jake's getting REALLY CLOSE to being able to crawl across a room or from room to room. Witness:

Unfortunately, he's definitely a "pick up whatever he sees and put it in his mouth" kind of kid ... the first one of those we've had. When Nathaniel was this age, we were a child-proofed home. And when Nick was this age, Nathaniel wasn't playing with really small toys yet. At 2 years old, he was still happy with Duplo blocks and jumbo-sized Fisher-Price toys, so we didn't have to be too careful.

THIS is a whole new ballgame. I feel like we hardly have ANYTHING that is bigger than Jake's mouth. Virtually everything Nathaniel and Nicholas play with is a choking hazard. Even our babysitter, Anna, had to pull a plastic ring (pirate booty) out of his mouth one time, and she's WAY more vigilant than I am.

I need to stop thinking now. This train of thought is stressing me out.

P.S. I don't know why I can't manage to shoot video with decent lighting. I swear our house isn't 92% dark all the time, but you'd never know that from the videos that I post.


Sarah T. said...

Aw, I feel his pain. That reminds me of when Dad would teach us to swim by continually backing away in the pool as we drowned our way toward him. I have vivid images in my memory of Dad, with his arms outstretched, backing away as I splashed and kicked for my little life.
Also, I was shocked that I didn't hear one of the boys complaining that you were blocking their view of Lego Star Wars as you made that video. You were totally in their way.

Katherine said...

There was much complaining; I just didn't catch it on video. The complaining started when I lowered the volume on the TV slightly before I began filming. Ohhhh, the paaaiiiiinnnn of having the volume lowered on your epic game of Lego Star Wars .......

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