Jan 19, 2009

Why I'm afraid they might never get a date

Nathaniel: "Mommy! Mommy! Come outside and see this!"

[I walk outside, where Nathaniel and Nick are practicing with their light sabers.]

Nathaniel: "Mommy, watch THESE moves."

[He proceeds to show me a bunch of "really awesome" moves, including a few one-handed ones.]

Me: "WOW, Buddy! How did you learn how to do all of that? It actually looks like real Jedi moves."

Nathaniel: "Yeah, I have SKILLS. And my skills are helping us kill all the droids, droidycars and supahdroids. And do you know how I GOT my skills? Sometimes when we're watching Star Wars, I put it in Slow Mode so I can watch really carefully and learn EVERY MOVE the Jedis make."

Nicholas: "Yep, that's how I got MY skills, too."


Sarah T. said...

I think Nick had a massive growth spurt since Christmas, because he looks as tall as Nathaniel. Also, I think 99% of the guys from our generation were obsessed with "Star Wars", so your boys are safe. They definitely have potential to land a woman as pretty and cool as you (if that's possible)--Grayson's way nerdier than they are!

Leslie said...

I agree with Sarah Ellen! I mean, Napoleon Dynamite got a date and he didn't even have any SKILLS! And those big brown eyes aren't hurtin' their chances any! LUCKY!

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