Dec 9, 2008

The siren song

They built a restaurant for me! Just for me! All for me!

Unfortunately, it's in Minnesota.

My sister discovered it while in St. Paul last weekend, and she took a picture for me. Their Web site says, "We start baking at 3am every day to have fresh warm bread and scones ready by 9am." Puh-leeze. You had me at "We."

When I get to Heaven, God will be saving me a seat at a booth in His restaurant that is JUST LIKE THIS.


Patrice said...

Do they have a restaurant called "Burritos and Spaghetti" in Minnesota? Cause if they do, I'll consider a move... must give baby what baby wants. :)

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

No kidding! Why, as a restauranteur, would you spread yourself too thin, worrying about being good at making 50 things on your menu? Just choose two things and do them spectacularly, I say!

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