Dec 11, 2008


1. AnnaLynne McCord, who plays Naomi on the new 90210, looks an awful lot like Charlize Theron (good thing) in the early '90s (bad thing). Note to her stylist: time for an update.

2. Carla on Top Chef. What is UP with her eyes? And her mannerisms?

3. And speaking of Top Chef, apparently they STILL haven't been able to figure out how to pick up everything Padma says during the taping of the show. They still add obviously dubbed lines, which they've been suffering from since Season 1. Distracting.

4. The facial hair of John Patrick Amedori on Gossip Girl. When he comes onto the screen, it's like I'm looking at the sun. I have to look away immediately. Shave already.

5. Brothers & Sisters' Tommy Walker is highly annoying. Again, like looking at the sun. Please fix his character. Thank you.

1 comment:

Sarah T. said...

It's funny that you mention Carla on Top Chef, because I remember telling you that I thought she was annoying and crazy the first two episodes. However, she's grown on me, and I realized after watching last night's episode that I find her sweet and charmingly quirky ("Are pickles NEW?!?").
But she does look like a human cartoon.

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