Nov 16, 2008

5 signs he's growing up

1. He's moved up from the chicken nugget kids' meal to the chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A. His choice.
2. He's growing visible hair on his legs. HAIR. Not peach fuzz.
3. We have lots of conversations now that go like this ... Me: "Buddy, your shirt and pants don't match." Him: "SO WHAT?"
4. He's engaged to be married to a girl in his class; he asked for her hand in marriage on the playground and she accepted. But he's also got a girl on the side in Extended Day ... an older woman, a first grader. SCANDALOUS.
5. When he gets in the minivan and sees a Skittle or raisin on the carpet, he hesitates about 2 seconds before leaning over, picking it up and popping it in his mouth. The hesitation is new.

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