Oct 19, 2008

Run, do not walk

On some blogs, a post bearing the tag "food" might lead you to a recipe. Not on this blog.

I have long been a fan (for decades) of the Reese's peanut butter egg, commonly sold around Easter. (And frozen in my freezer until the new year. Some people freeze their Girl Scout cookies; I freeze peanut butter eggs. Don't judge.) I am such a fan, in fact, that my high-school boyfriend once purchased 12 packs of 12 of these beauties (I hope that adds up to 144) to celebrate our 12-month anniversary.

I come to you tonight, my people, to tell you that I have just experienced one of these:

They are sold in UNAPOLOGETIC PACKS OF SIX that look like this:

Help. Me. Rhonda. They are available at grocery stores and large discount chains nationwide. You're welcome.


Sarah T. said...

Other things are just food. But chocolate's chocolate.

Reformed Grits said...

Please help my quivering stomach-- it's not pumpkin flavored, God forbid, is it?

BTW, your blog layout is simply beautiful. I love it. One day I'm going to treat myself to something nice. LOVE yours. I promise not to swipe it though... LOL

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