Oct 17, 2008

Fall has arrived

I am so fortunate to have good friends. Friends who have been there for me for years and years, who:

- support and encourage me when they can tell that I need it
- are raising kids who are kind to my kids
- don't criticize me for choosing to be a working mom
- call me every day when I'm sick to see how I'm feeling
- don't send me every forwarded joke that falls into their e-mailbox
- kindly ignore the fact that my muffin top has turned into a short stack
- listen when I feel like complaining and don't minimize my problems
- are honest and forthright, especially when I need to hear it
- celebrate my successes with true joy.

My friends bring a richness to my life that I wish everyone could experience.

Lisa and Honor, my college roommates, are two of those friends. We've been lucky to have had our kids around the same time, and they really enjoy being together, too ... the next generation of friends. Last Sunday evening we took a picture of them to welcome the new fall season.

Happy Fall, everyone!

1 comment:

Sarah T. said...

Well said. You bring that to the people in your life as well, my love.

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