Oct 7, 2008

Random musings

I had lunch last week with a friend I hadn't seen in more than a year (Hi, Heather!) ... since before I was pregnant with Jake (i.e., thinner). And I forgot to put on black pants that morning. If you're thin, that might seem like a complete non-sequitur to you. But if you're pudgy, you know exactly what I mean.

Today I was talking to my friend Rylan* about his hatred of the trend to ignore the one you're with so you can text with someone else. He said, "Most of the conversations go something like, 'What's up?' 'Not much. I'm on my way to the grocery store.' 'Gr8t.' 'C U soon.' And I'm like, who the hell cares that you're on the way to the grocery store?"

Which prompted me to think about how texting -- which is new to me -- is probably enhancing some relationships. Like if you text back and forth over the weekend with a co-worker you wouldn't normally talk to on the phone, maybe celebrating a big football win or asking for a quick restaurant recommendation, it might, over time, deepen your friendship. But in the same way, it could cheapen some relationships ... if you replaced what might have been a fun phone conversation about one of those things with a quick text. I don't think I'm in any real danger of falling into that trap, since it takes me 10 minutes to eke out "Im at soccer practice" with no apostrophe, since I can't figure out how to punctuate on my phone.

Vanity, again
I went on my church's women's retreat last weekend, during which we played a couple of fun games of Celebrity. (You pull famous people's names out of a basket and try to get your team to guess their names by giving them clues.) So one of my teammates, a college student, gave the clues "He's an older actor, but lots of people think he's still hot." We guessed Sean Connery, Paul Newman, Robert Redford ... then she threw in "Ocean's 11." And someone shouted out "George Clooney!" Which was the right answer. "Older?" "Still think?" Then I came to the sobering realization that these young women are just as close to Nathaniel's age as they are to mine ... 15 years older than he, 15 years younger than I. OH, LORD.

* Name has been changed to protect the profane. Just kidding. That's his real name.

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