Oct 21, 2008

It's a miracle we're still married

Update: I repudiate my sister's claim in the Comments that I have never eaten my burgers in this manner. I totally do. And I would like to point out what a big person I am for publishing that comment that attacks my credibility.

I am about to bring new meaning to the word "minutia."

It's been a couple of years since I noticed that Grayson eats hamburgers the wrong way. We'd probably been married 10 or 11 years when one night, I realized that he was eating his hamburger upside-down. And by upside-down, I mean that the bottom bun was facing down, with the top bun pointing skyward. Like so:

WHOA. No, no, no. Noooooo.

Clearly this was my opportunity to educate him. When you eat a burger, you pick it up and bring it toward you with the bottom bun facing up, like so:

(Did you notice how the cheese defied gravity?) But even with a visual aid, Grayson insisted that he eats them the right way. He says, to this day, that if you eat them my way, the condiments hit your tongue in a different order, and it completely changes the taste of the burger. To prove that I'm nothing if not open to change [Grayson: "Liar."], I reversed my burger and tried it his way. And it felt completely wrong. Like going to the grocery store without wearing a bra.

How do you eat your burgers?


Harry Miree said...

I'm indifferent; I just wanted to point out and appreciate that you guys are eating Johnny Rockets hamburgers.

Excellent choice.

Sarah T. said...

You made this up. I have known you for 32 years, and I have NEVER seen you eat a burger upside down. Grayson's right, you are a liar. I hereby accuse you of manufacturing your personality for the sake of your blog.
That being said, Grayson eats it correctly.

*Jen* said...

Knowing Grayson is quite the connoisseur of all kinds of cuisine, I tend to think that you are the one who is eating your cheeseburger incorrectly.

I echo Sarah's comments. You're just a liar. :-)

Rachel said...

Well, I eat my burgers as your husband, because I put so many tomatoes on my burger(on the same side as the condiments to get a proper sauce mixture) that my hamburgers are a juicy mess, and if I turned them over, I would have to increase my napkin-on-hand count from 20 to 40.

It was great to meet you last night! Have a great week!

Leslie said...

OK, I can come to my friend's defense here and say, "Katherine is not a liar, I noticed her strange way of eating hamburgers years ago."

Grayson and Sarah, you need to lay off! She needs help, not criticism!

I love you, Kat. And if you ever need to talk, don't hesitate to call!

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