Oct 2, 2008

I'm no James Carville or Marlee Matlin

I'm about as apolitical as they come. I really just can't get worked up about any party's candidate, although I vote for someone in every election. I guess that makes me OK with mental apathy, but against physical apathy?

I can't even tell you where I stand on most of the big issues. I'm on the fence about a lot of them, and most people sound so reasonable when they try to explain their side to me. It would be so much easier if one side just presented itself as a bunch of raving lunatics.

So clearly I'm no James Carville or Marlee Matlin
Mary Matalin. I don't give these things much thought. But I've been seeing a lot of Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin bumper stickers lately. And I thought about having one custom made that promotes an Obama-McCain ticket. I've been reading mainstream fiction and watching dramatic television series for years, and one thing all those David Baldacci books and seasons of The West Wing taught me is that the president and vice president have very little to do with one another. For heaven's sake ... Gary Cole was only on The West Wing once a season. But I digress.

Anyway, it seems to me like it doesn't really matter if the P and the VP are even of the same party, working from the same playbook. The president is going to make all the decisions unilaterally, and the VP is going to ... um ... do whatever the VP does. So I vote that we try to get one candidate from each party on one ticket. These guys both have something to offer. It can't possibly be any harder for them to get along for four years than it is for a married couple in Alabama to get along when one cheers for Auburn and one cheers for Alabama. Around here, we call that a mixed marriage.

So let's mix it up in the White House.

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Melanie said...

I think I would prefer an Obama-Palin bumper sticker...


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