Mar 16, 2006

Slices of Life, Vol. 4

Nathaniel was playing with his Pooh Bear the other night while I was dressing him for bed. He was sending Pooh flying wildly above his head, greatly hampering my efforts to get the shirt over his head:

Nathaniel: "Zoom! Zoom! Pooh is Flying, Mommy!"

Me: "Well, that's great. He looks like he's having fun."

Nathaniel: "Yeah, he is, but he doesn't have wings, SO HE DOESN'T FLY VERY GOOD."

And then poor Pooh went down blazing into the covers, amid cries of "Crash! Boom! Bang!"


Driving home from school last night, we were trying to turn left and someone had stopped in the middle of the intersection on the road perpendicular to us, not realizing she was blocking us left-turners. I was sitting there waiting for her to back up:

Nathaniel: "Mommy, Go! We have a Green Arrow!"

Me: "I know, Buddy. But this woman is blocking me from completing the turn. I have to wait for her to back up. See?"

Nathaniel: "Why?"

Me: "Well, she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing, and she made a mistake. See, this is why I can't always open a pack of crackers or find a toy in the backseat for you while I'm driving. When you drive, you have to concentrate 100 percent of the time, or you can make a dangerous mistake."

Nathaniel: [pensively] "Ohhh. Like when I am watching Dragon Tales or 'Bah-nee.' I have to CONCENTRATE."

Me: [long pause] "Yes. Exactly."


When we drive around town, I usually make it a point to tell Nathaniel what roads we're on. He likes to tell me what roads businesses are on that he knows, and he can tell you all the roads that lead to our house from places like
Wal-Mart, school, etc.

[Three minutes after the last entry]

Me: "Nathaniel, what road are we on?"


Me: "Nathaniel, what road are we on now?"


Me: "Nathaniel?"

Nathaniel: "Mommy, I am very tired of talking of things." [5-second pause] "I would like to go home and watch some 'Bah-nee,' and sit on the couch. Then I will feel better, and I will be able to talk of more things. Okay?"


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