Apr 5, 2006

Slices of Life, Vol. 5

Nathaniel asking what day it is:

"Mommy, what today is it?


A few months ago, we started weaning Nicholas off his paci (we're starting
early this time around). Now he only gets it when he's in bed.

Now, about 10 minutes before what would be his bedtime, Nicholas weaves his way toward the stairs, saying, "Night-night. Night-night. Pass. Pass!" He can't wait to get upstairs to get that paci.

In the morning, when it's time to leave "pass" behind in the crib, he says, "bye-bye,
pass" and gives it five quick sucks before throwing it back over the railing into the crib. Then he waves at it and we're off to school.


Driving back from Atlanta on Sunday, we had to stop for Nathaniel to use the potty. Once inside the women's room at QT, I decided I needed to go too. Nathaniel first, then me.

As I was sitting there and the magic began, Nathaniel started yelling, "MOMMY! YOU'RE DOING IT, YOU'RE DOING IT! I KNEW Y


My favorite Nicholas word right now: "el-bent" for "elephant"

My favorite Nathaniel word right now: "yess-tah-day" for "yesterday"

"Yesterday" is a word with broad meaning for Nathaniel. His sense of time is somewhat skewed, and I have to do a lot of explaining about how far ahead in the future
or in the past an event is. This is particularly evident in his use of the word "yesterday" when he's making excuses for something. See below:

"Mommy, I don't want a grilled cheese sandwich. I had one yess-tah-day." Where yesterday = yesterday

"Mommy, I don't want to wear those pants. I wore them yess-tah-day." Where yesterday = last week

"Mommy, I want to go to the beach. We haven't been since yess-tah-day." Where yesterday = last summer

Ahhh, "yesterday." I never knew of its many convenient uses until I had a 3-year-old.


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