Dec 19, 2007



You have really “come into your own” this year. You enjoy going to school (“If you don’t go to school today, Nicholas, you won’t LEARN anything today!”), and you are eager to learn. You are constantly trying to surprise me by asking me questions you already know the answers to, just so you can check to see how much I know.

You continue to be a source of inspiration to Nicholas, teaching him how to wrestle and play much more roughly than I would like! He’s gotten to an age where you aren’t as “careful” with him anymore; you expect him to hold his own against you, and he likes the fact that you consider him your equal – until he gets hurt!

You are so excited about the new baby that’s on the way, and you enjoyed being able to tell Daddy, Aunt Sarah Ellen and Mop and Pop the news. I shared it with you first so that you could be the one to tell people, and you really enjoyed your role! You like to take on lots of responsibility, and it will be fun for me to watch you with your new baby brother and see how you interact with him and protect him.

I love how thoughtful you are, how gentle your spirit is, how well you get along with others … you set a great example for Nicholas. Over the last several months, you’ve started asserting your independence a little more, disagreeing with me and Daddy over little things, saying “no” more often. Sometimes I find it annoying, but it’s also gratifying to see you growing up and standing up for what you feel.

I love the time we’re able to spend together, and I’m so proud of who you’re becoming. Next year will be so different, as you’ll be in Kindergarten and in a whole new world. I worry about the stress of your new learning environment, having to make new friends, adjusting to a new teacher, and all that comes with starting public school. But you’ve always been such a light in the world, and in your classrooms, and I know you will continue to be the admirable little man that you are today. I can’t wait to navigate those waters with you and watch you grow.

The thing that means the most to me is that you really seem to want to BE with me. You like playing with me, talking to me, and you want MORE of me, which makes me feel like I do a good job being a mommy. And that’s really the most important thing in my life, so THANK YOU for being a son who makes me want to be the best mommy I can possibly be.

I love you,

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