Sep 6, 2016

First day of school (and a trip down memory lane)

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I wanted to share a picture I took on the first day of school.

It's rare that I get one of all four kids together these days, but they cooperated that morning and when I scrolled through the pictures later, I just couldn't believe how big they all are.

This was just six months ago, right?

Okay, no. I guess December 2011 wasn't exactly six months ago.

But THIS ONE absolutely feels like it was taken no more than six months ago. How can it have been October 2013?

I literally remember taking this one like I took it last weekend. I remember how those dress straps wanted to slip off Amelia's shoulders and how grown-up I thought Nick looked in that shirt. The same shirt which now fits Jake just right. This one is from April 2015.

How I continue to be baffled by the passage of time is beyond me. I mean, these four people are aging right before me, but I am totally unwilling to accept it.

Nathaniel is inches taller than I am, Nick is getting there, Jake has outpaced me in math and science, and Amelia is ... well, she's 4 going on 21. She's precocious in all areas. Internet, what am I going to DO?

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