May 31, 2016

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 67

1. My favorite Mexican dish to eat is a plain beef burrito. But I have to eat it with the plate tilted to the right. Can't do it straight-on or with the plate tilted to the left It's impossible.

2. I know exactly what volume level I watch every show on. The local news and Today Show have to be set to level 12. The Good Wife had to be set to level 15. I also know exactly what volume level I listen to every podcast on. Popcast 21. Off Camera 19. Serial 18.

3. Recently on The Popcast several people admitted that they only set their thermostats on even numbers. WHAT? I am so obsessed with comfort that I wish my thermostat included TENTHS of degrees.

4. I tried subscribing to The Skimm. I lasted two weeks. It was too newsy for me. (You already know I'm too shallow to listen to NPR. We've discussed that. SAME.)

5. All timed games stress me out. That's why I had to give up several games on my iPhone -- and every game I do play has the sound turned off. This phobia started as early as I can remember. Someone posted a video of their child playing musical chairs last week and I practically had to breathe into a paper bag. POST A #graphicvideo WARNING, PEOPLE.

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