Feb 24, 2016

My shadow ... and her shadow

Since you don't seem to have a problem with iPhone photos, I thought I'd share a few more with you today.

Of course, they all look about the same. Because I have One Little Lady glued to my side at all times.

And when we're at home and it's not a rainy weekend day or weeknight, SHE has One Little Canine Lady glued to HER side.

When I say my phone is "full" of pictures like that, I'm not kidding. I probably have more than 500 pictures of Amelia and Bayla (our neighbor's dog) together. When Bayla is over, Amelia wants pictures of them together.

(Also, as much as I would love to post a picture of Amelia with clothes on, ever since her head injury, she won't wear clothes unless we're leaving the house -- because she's still traumatized by pulling anything over her head. So. I just have to crop every picture I post very carefully.)

Bayla loves to play with us, but she also just loves to "be." She's the most patient creature of all time. She will cuddle but she will also let Amelia lay on her, pile blankets on her, wrap her up, completely cover her ... whatever she wants to do.  #imelt

 Last Saturday Grayson and Nathaniel were on a camping trip and I worked on and off all day, mostly from the couch. This was my view.

Not bad.

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