Jan 19, 2016

Messing with a perfectly good, brand-new piece of furniture

When it's finished, I think our guest bedroom is going to be one of my favorite rooms in our entire house. (It's far from finished at the moment, though.)

Since it's used the LEAST, however, it's kind of last on the priority list in terms of funds being tossed its way.

When I ended up with some moo-lah after Christmas, I was THRILLED to be able to order a couple of Oxford Writing Desks from HDC that I'd had on my Guest Room Pinterest Board for what seemed like forever. I wanted to flank the bed with them, and although they took A SWEET FOREVER to assemble, once I got them together, I loved the look.

Kate's master bedroom was the inspiration for this part, which might make some of you squirm. See the detail on the drawer? She painted hers white. And I wanted to do that, too -- both to mimic the trim in the rest of the room and to give the piece a little more personality.

Not long after I started painting, I began to question my sanity.

But I've learned -- after probably 100 projects -- you can't panic after the first coat. THAT OUGHT TO BE A BUMPER STICKER.

Even though the first coat was, um, QUESTIONABLE.

But. After I did three coats on each drawer and cleaned up the lines, I was thrilled with the result!

You'll be able to see more clearly how it ties into the whole room once it's all put together -- because believe me, it's ANYTHING but put together at the moment -- but I love how it elongates the look of the drawers and makes the piece look more tailored.

I know it may make some of you cringe (my mother included), but I'm in love. More on this room to come!

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