Sep 14, 2015

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 65

Well HERE'S a real kick in the pants, Internet!

iPhoto wasn't able to complete the install on my laptop, because it ran out of room! And now, since I only have the new version of iPhoto, I can't open it AT ALL until I free up a lot of space on my hard drive. 

Dear All the People Who Tell Me to Update More Often: Bite me.

So as a consolation post, since I can't access a single photo from our beach trip, I decided to cobble together one of your collective favorite types: Uncomfortable Truths. I hope you enjoy another embarrassing installment. Please don't forget to share your own related truths in the comments. They always make my day.

* * * * * * * 

1. I was talking to some women in my Bible study group and one of them asked what year I graduated from high school.

Me: "1991."

Her: "Yeah, me, too. I figured we were about the same age."

Third Friend: "REALLY? I'm shocked. I never would've guessed you were over 40! You do NOT look it."

Fourth Woman: [covers mouth with hands]  "Oh my gosh ... I was born in 1990."

2. Every once in a while, a  socially responsible company will approach me about writing a sponsored post about healthy foods for kids. Aside from the fact that I don't really write sponsored posts, well, we all know I'M not someone who needs to be shilling healthy snacks for kids. Y'all would laugh me right off the Internet.

3. I always wonder if the people who died in a plane crash are the people who paid attention during the safety demonstration, or ironically, the people who didn't.

4. Fall is my favorite season. It's also when I often get my first terrible cough of the year, though. The type of cough that last winter prompted me to share my personal Cough Severity Chart with Rachel and Jamie, because The More You Know.

5. I am so tempted to put one of Amelia's temporary Sofia the First tattoos on her as a tramp stamp just to see if one of her new preschool teachers will say anything to me about it. 

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