Sep 7, 2015

My favorite closet accessory

Quite frankly, I'm embarrassed to even show you the inside of my closet.

That's why it wasn't part of my Master Bedroom Before & After post.

It's big by most standards, but it's not custom-outfitted or anything, I squeezed my chest of drawers in there so it would be out of our bedroom, and I don't have my clothes organized in rainbow order.

Still, it's a giant closet by most standards -- including mine -- and I'm thrilled to have the space.

I've never had space for more than about 10 pairs of shoes, and now I have space for that many AND MORE. That's probably a bad thing.

These are my workout clothes. Bahahaha. This fall, I really AM going to start jogging again. This optimism is why I still have two full shelves of workout clothes.

But this picture here is why I've gathered you all here today:

Do you see how my boots are all standing at attention up there? They used to lean to the side all the time. As a matter of fact, my tall brown ones used to bend over in the middle and touch the floor. Which DROVE ME NUTS.

When we moved, though, I found Boot Shapers! I know I'm probably late to the boot-shaper party, but just in case I'm ON THE CUTTING EDGE, I wanted to let you know about them.

They're very reasonably priced (under $7), and they come four to a package (two pair). You insert them in your boots, and they keep them upright and sure to keep their shape while you're not wearing them. Brilliant, right?

I mean, I am one smitten kitten. I bought several sets so I'd be covered. Have you heard of Boot Shapers? Do you have any? FALL IS COMING, INTERNET. Gotta keep those boots looking GOOD.

This is not a sponsored post and I wasn't asked to write about this at all, but I did use Amazon Affiliate links to the product.

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