Aug 24, 2015

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 64

1. When I was expecting Amelia, I developed a complete and total aversion to any kind of neckline on a shirt other than a V-neck. I felt like crew-necks or any other kind of circle-shaped neck was intent on choking me. One night around 2 a.m. I woke up and, in a fit of pique, stormed to the bathroom and did this to my nightshirt:

2. I feel like I do my best grocery shopping when I'm hungry. I grab all the best food! (Grayson disagrees.)

3. People have been talking about kale for a while now, and recently there was even a Bachelor contestant whose son's name is Kale. I had to Google it because I had no idea what it looked like. And I've already forgotten what it looks like again.

4. I'm basically a memaw so I take like nine pills a day. When I count them out of their various containers to fill my pill thing up for the week, I subconsciously try to pour out the exact number of each that I need. Twenty-one of one, 14 of one, seven of a couple, etc. When I'm successful, I may or may not high-five myself.

5. Every time I drive under a bridge, I'm afraid it's going to fall on my car. Or that a car that's crossing it is going to drive off of it and land on my car. There's probably a name for my particular brand of crazy.

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