Aug 14, 2015

Before & After: The Laundry Room

The changes in the laundry room aren't as significant as the changes in the rest of the house.I mean, I got rid of the two-toned walls and the laminate cabinets, but everything else stayed. One day, I'd love to do a new sink -- farmhouse, of course! -- but for a room that sees as few "outside eyes" as a laundry room does, spending a lot in here just wasn't a responsible use of funds.



My contractor added floating cedar shelves between the new white cabinets, which for reasons I still do not understand he had to hang where they open on the wrong sides. He explained it to me twice, and I am still befuddled. He said he would have had to bring them in three inches on each side in order for them to open correctly if they were hung on opposite sides, but I don't see why. The hinges are on the insides of the doors, not the outsides. But whatever.


Once they'd cleaned the house out, this closet had more space, but no more apparent functionality. I suppose it was supposed to be a broom closet. But look at all that wasted space! NO MA'AM.



I took the door off and asked my painter to fill in the holes. My contractor built the shelves, which I wanted to be solid wood (not wire) so that stuff wouldn't fall through them. This is where most of our non-perishables and bulk paper goods live now.

There used to be a Horrid Flourescent Light Fixture up here. Like a four-foot-long one.

Now the ceiling is blue and we have this pretty fixture! #happygrass

So, not a huge transformation, but a good one. And one day, I hope to demo the tile floor and put in a new sink and cabinet base for it. You know, Phase 16.


Wall Paint: Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore White Dove

Ceiling Paint: Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Light Fixture: Bronze 20-inch Ceiling Light with Opaque Shade


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