Jul 1, 2015

Family review: 'Inside Out'

We took the kids to see Inside Out (or, as Amelia refers to it, "Disney-Pix-ah's Insah-eed Out") the weekend it was released.

(Side note: Amelia is very brand conscious. She also requests a "Band-Aid bwand Band-Aid" when she has a boo-boo.) (She watches A LITTLE BIT of TV.)

Some percentage of our family sees a new movie at least once a month, but rarely do we all go together. The last movie all six of us saw together in the theater was The LEGO Movie.

I'd heard TERRIFIC things about Inside Out, but I wasn't exactly sure what I would think about a film that was set largely inside a tween's brain. However, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling. SOLD.

Please note: Anytime we see a movie, this is how I view it. LARGELY OBSTRUCTED.

When I ask her if she will move to her own seat?

This face, is the face of having shade thrown at you without a word being spoken.

The face of I DON'T THINK SO.


Luckily she's cute, because my legs were asleep before the previews ended.

The animation, as is the case with all Pixar films, was stunning. I thought the plot was a little "deep" for kids -- in one sentence, it's basically about a young girl who falls into a light depression after her family moves across the country -- but our kids followed it perfectly. They were captivated by it, actually.

(And I should point out that I don't say "light depression" as if it doesn't matter that she's depressed ... I'm simply trying to say that she's not suicidal and that it's portrayed in the movie as sadness, wistfulness, anger and loneliness -- nothing that would scare a child. But adults will recognize it as depression.)

The most interesting thing to me about the movie is that our kids talked about it all night after we got home, into the next day and are still talking about it. Not the film itself, but emotions. "Mommy, what do you think MY default emotion is? What are MY main islands of emotion?" They are filled with questions about emotions and feelings and how they affect our interactions with others, how we view our day, and more.

I told Grayson I don't remember any other movie having that kind of impact on them. Very impressive.

As with almost every other movie ever made, I thought it could have been trimmed by 10 minutes and been stronger for it, but my attention span is shorter than the average bird's. Overall, we loved it. Have you seen it? What did you think?

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