May 8, 2015

Shot through the heart

Amelia was lying beside me on my bed the other night.

I was flipping through a Costco coupon book hoping to find a mattress coupon, she was watching Octonauts.

I put the coupon book down and picked up my phone, scrolling through Twitter, then checking my email.

Forgetting about her TV show, Amelia rolled over toward me and stuck her feet in my face.

Amelia: "Smell my stinky feet!"

Me: "I don't want to smell your stinky feet, Stinkerbell!"

Amelia: "Tickle me!"

I reached over with my right hand and tickled her tummy. She giggled hysterically.

Amelia: "Tickle me AGAIN!"

I tickled her with my right hand again.

She picked up the Costco coupon book and waved it in front of my face. I pushed it away lightly with my index finger.

She laid it down on top of my phone.

Me: "What are you DOING, silly girl?"

Amelia: "I'm covewing up yoh phone so you can look at me and see my face."


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