May 22, 2015

Our new house comes with a cat. Kind of.

I think I've mentioned that our new house comes with two dogs that live directly behind us, which is why we had a gate installed between our yards.

But did I mention that there's also a black-and-white cat that lives next door?

Her name is Missy, and she's super-sweet.

And it's like she's been waiting her whole life for a little girl who wants to shower her with love and attention.

Amelia goes over to the house with me many evenings to "check on progress." Well, that's what I'M doing. But SHE has an ulterior motive, which becomes clear when she jumps out of the car and starts calling, "Misssss-eeeeeee! Miiiiiiiiissssssssss-eeeeeeeeeee! I'm heeeee-uhhhhhh, Missy!"

Missy is an outdoor cat, so after about a minute, she comes running daintily across the retaining wall along her driveway, then jumps down and winds over to us. Then she sits down and accepts ALL THE LOVE.

Amelia still talks about Scout all the time. Missy's introduction into our lives hasn't changed that ... as a matter of fact, just this week she looked at Missy and said, "Scoutie would be Missy's BEST FWIEND. When he comes back for me, I will intwoduce dem."


But I love that she already has a built-in friend at the new house, one who doesn't shy away from her enthusiasm.

This is good stuff.

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