Apr 24, 2015

Two things happened in the kitchen

Well, the title of the blog post really says it all: TWO THINGS HAPPENED IN THE KITCHEN AT THE NEW HOUSE THIS WEEK.

First, the sink went in.

Y'all. I mean, at the rate we're going, I have to take these victories where I can get them. A SINK!

I would've preferred a white porcelain farmhouse sink to give me more contrast with the lower cabinet color (Sabre by Sherwin-Williams). But our footed cereal bowls chip pretty easily -- IN PART DUE TO BEING TOSSED FROM GREAT HEIGHTS INTO OUR SINK. So I couldn't, in good conscience, send my footed cereal bowls marching to certain death in our new home. I COULDN'T, INTERNET.

Second development at the new house was that the stove hood was installed. I know it looks kind of disjointed now -- with the white, grey and stained wood all hanging out there with nothing to pull it all together -- but once the countertops, backsplash and floors are finished, I still think it will look good.

I'd decided on that tile you see propped up there for the backsplash:

But now that the cabinets are installed, the pattern looks too small in scale, and I'm wondering if I don't want to go with the herringbone I'm using in the den for the fireplace surround instead:

I know white subway tile is all the rage, but I don't want to do that in the kitchen ... I want to go with something more interesting in there. I have a little time left to decide, so let me know if you see anything good!

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