Feb 6, 2015

The children are still alive

Not that you'd know it from my recent blog posts, but our children are still alive.

I'm sure my parents are majorly jonesing for some pictures of them. And I will do my best to take some pictures of them this weekend. I DO spend time with them, I swear.

But a couple of months ago? When I thought life couldn't get any busier and we couldn't possibly fit anything else in? Then we bought this house and decided to renovate it. So I've found out that it was INDEED possible to fit QUITE A BIT MORE into my life, but I am taking fewer pictures of the kids when I am with them.

Ironically, I am reading more books to them at night. That is what Amelia in particular has chosen as her favorite activity for the two of us to do together. Or rather, since her TV privileges are taken away nightly if she refuses to use the potty at home (after using it successfully for 11 hours at daycare), it is her favorite FALLBACK activity for the two of us to do together. Wednesday night I read her 10 books. TEN.

That is a lot of Little Mermaid, Elmo, Beauty and the Beast, Little Einsteins and SuperWhy to stay awake through, IF YOU CARE.

Anyway, update on the new house: Demolition has begun! It looks very different than it did just Monday.


Did you spy Jakey? He and Nick went with me the night work began so we could check it out. See? Proof of Life!



I know it probably doesn't look like much to you yet, but it looks so exciting to me! And BETTER already. Particularly the basement. I can't tell you how ready I was to get rid of all that Mexican tile down there.

More to come ...

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