Feb 11, 2015

I've got paint in orifices I didn't know existed


Yep. I managed to get a few of them over the weekend. But you're gonna have to scroll your hearts out to get to them. I've got other stuff to cover with you first.

A couple of weekends ago, I painted the kids' loft, which is how I refer to the room at the top of the stairs. It's going to be where their big desk is, and where a couch, TV and all their videogames are.

It used to be yellow, and the former owners had stopped the yellow paint at the point where the wall  angled up to the ceiling. Now, to be clear, a lot of people would say that everything that's white in the picture below IS ceiling. I don't see it that way. To me, only the flat part on top is ceiling, and painting the angled part below that white only makes the ceiling itself feel two feet lower than it actually is.

So I opted to paint that part grey. The advantage is that the ceiling now feels two feet higher (my preference). The disadvantage is that -- because the angle tilts inward -- it makes the room feel a little smaller. For me, though, I'd rather the ceiling feel two feet taller and the room feel slightly smaller, especially since it's not a small room. (If it were 9x9 or something, I'd probably feel differently.)

I love the way it turned out, though. And I'll love it even more once we get new carpet in there ... you can see that the carpet is really stained.

Before I chose my color, I painted samples on the wall. (I did this in every room in the house.) All three of these are colors that are in our current house, colors that I've been really happy with. I went with the one on the far left for this space (Ben Moore's Sleigh Bells).

Our professional painters are going to paint the ceilings throughout, so they'll come in and paint a crisp line around this entire space to finish it off.

I painted that far wall but didn't trim in around the arched window because that entire wall is actually going to be planked. It's going to be a feature wall, and I didn't need to paint it at all, but I kind of forgot that as I was working and didn't remember it until I was almost done.

Elsewhere around the house, the carpet and mantel have been torn out of the den ...

The carpet and mantel have been torn out of the master bedroom ...

The Mexican tile has been jackhammered out of the basement (they tried several different methods, and in the end it took a jackhammer) ...

The kitchen has been completely demo'd ...

And they've got the posts up in the backyard for the new fence.

I spent most of Saturday running around to different stores comparing carpet prices and trying to track down the tile I want in the kitchen and bathrooms, and on Sunday Nick, Jake and Amelia joined me at the new house.

I was painting two of the interior doors I'd removed from the house that I plan to use as desks, and Nick really wanted to paint, so I let him work on an unsalvageable door with some leftover paint.

Amelia tried to help him by "painting" with a stick.

Nick was Not Pleased when he realized that she'd scratched up his nice paint job.

So he covered up her handiwork and she got extremely pouty.

The lippage was pretty epic.

Jake wanted to paint, too, although he spent most of his time climbing the trees in the yard. Still, I gave him some leftover paint and let him go to town on the rotting swing that's sitting in the driveway.

I would've gotten twice as much work done in the same amount of time if I'd been there alone, but since I'd been away from them all day Saturday, it was good to have them with me.

Things continue to hum along over there ... I still can't believe this is actually happening!

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