Dec 22, 2014

Disney on Ice in 900 pictures or less

We recently went to see Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove, which featured just about every Disney character you can think of ... except Elsa and Anna. Of course they couldn't be in it, because they're currently being featured in their very OWN Disney on Ice show that you have to pay separately to see.

Disney is barely making bank, you see, so they have to take every opportunity they can to make an extra buck.

The show opened with Toy Story, which is a huge family favorite.

Ima tell you a little secret: I decided last year that unless it's absolutely unavoidable, I'm done paying tons of money for terrible seats at these shows.

The fact is, if I'm going to go spend two hours in a stadium seat watching these people skate around, I want to be able to SEE them.

I decided that I can either pay through the nose and not be able to tell what color shirt they're wearing, or I can pay through the butt and be able to tell you not only whether they're grinning or grimacing, but also whether or not their laces are single- or double-knotted.

Since we only go once a year and since our kids will have outgrown this kind of thing in a few years, well. I made my decision.


Question: Does anyone actually LIKE Alice in Wonderland?

I ask this because I've personally never been able to get all the way through it.

I've tried, but if I give a movie a few tries and I still can't make it, YOU'RE THE WEAKEST LINK, GOODBYE.

I will say this: I enjoyed the Ice version substantially more than any part of the FILM I've ever seen.

There's nothing wrong with Alice herself, I guess ...

It's more the other characters I just couldn't get on board with. And the whole deck-of-cards theme.

What's up with that?

Although I'm telling you, it did make for a nice ice show moment.

Another movie that's not my favorite -- but I have an easier time understanding why people like it -- is Peter Pan.

Both Peter and Tinkerbell came in on wires, which was entertaining.

And Pete did a lot of jumping around on the ice ... he was a great ice skater. Unfortunately, he was also blurry in every shot I took. Sorry.

Once the pirates came onto the scene, the ice got crowded and they did some great fight scenes. Again, lots of movement and my pictures were all blurry for those parts.

But the kids seemed to like that part.

Next up was a big crowd favorite: The Lion King!

I mean, it's impossible not to love Timon and Pumba.

Let me just tell you, though ... for my money, Simba and Nala were probably the best ice dancers of the show.


I mean, they must be SPECTACULAR when they're not wearing heavy, stinky lion costumes, right?

Just as in the stage version of The Lion King, the Ice version ended in show-stopping fashion.

Snow White had a hard act to follow.

She was a very graceful dancer, but she didn't pack the punch that the lions did.

STILL. A princess and her prince will always have their fans in the audience. My daughter among them.

At this point do you think the show is going to go on forever?


Aladdin was easily the most colorful routine of the show.

Plus, it featured an ELEPHANT!

It had a large cast of characters and the music was great.

I don't think Amelia has made it all the way through Aladdin yet, but she was still totally entranced by the routine.

Little did she know, The Little Mermaid was just around the corner!

This was like an hour and 10 minutes into the show, but she was every bit as interested as she'd been at opening curtain.

All the little girls in the audience were so excited to see Ariel and Sebastian.

You have to understand, for Amelia, this is like seeing Princess Diana in the flesh.

And the Mermaid number really was a spectacle ... all the neon colors and flowy costumes ... really visually interesting.

As we got closer to the end of the show, it was time for RAPUNZEL! Another one of Amelia's faves.

Although she pronounces her name "REE-punzel." And you will be corrected if you don't pronounce it that way.

I can't imagine how heavy that braid is.

I thought the same thing when we met her at Disney World earlier this year. Carrying that thing around with me all the time would give me the WORST migraine.

The whole time REE-punzel and Flynn skated, the lanterns were lit overhead. Nice homage to the film.

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog made the last appearance of the night, right before the finale.

She was such a graceful performer.

The finale was beautiful, with all the performers coming out in their colorful costumes.

The funny thing was, characters made appearances who hadn't been on the ice the entire night. Like Cinderella.

And Belle.

And then it ended with a few pyrotechnics, which is always cool!

You'll ALWAYS get a smile out of our family with those.

All in all, a great performance.

Even without Elsa and Anna, who of course Amelia was asking about as soon as the show ended.

"Is it ovah? Whewah ah Elsa and Anna?"

Nicely done, Disney, NICELY DONE.

** This post was not sponsored. We paid very full price for our tickets.**

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