Nov 13, 2014

Uncomfortable truths, vol. 62

1. A woman in my office broke her foot and has been on crutches for eight weeks. That did not stop me from using the only handicapable stall in the restroom.

2. Every time over the last eight weeks that I've been using the restroom at work and the door has opened, I've frozen mid-stream out of fear that it was the woman on crutches and she was going to be mad at me.

3. That woman finally got her boot off last Friday and is off the crutches. Today, A DIFFERENT WOMAN CAME IN ON CRUTCHES OMG. While I'm sure whatever happened to her was traumatic, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A WORSE TURN OF EVENTS FOR ME. #8moreweeks

4. I fell asleep while listening to episodes 2 AND 3 of Serial. Yes, I was sitting up.

5. Historically, I don't replace my curling iron until it dies. However, I looked down over the weekend and noticed that mine looked like this. So I bought a new one.

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