Nov 17, 2014

The eyes have it

We had our family pictures made for our Christmas cards a few weekends ago.

We warmed up with some individual shots of the kids. Amelia was having NONE of that.

She wouldn't smile for our photographer, Allen, no matter what he did.

He even got one of the best pictures he's EVER gotten of all three boys, and there she is on the end, all, WHATEVER.

Near the end of our 90 minutes with Allen, she FINALLY loosened up and gave us a few smiles for a family shot.

But when Grayson picked her up as we began to walk up the path back to where we'd parked our cars?

Amelia DARED Allen to try to get even one more picture of her.

"Go ahead. I dare you."

"I double-dog dare you."


"Yeah. DREAM ON."

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