Oct 10, 2014

Sorry I disappeared

I didn't mean to write a couple of posts this week and then disappear on you, but I guess that's what happened, huh?

Grayson's been sick and my mom came into town unexpectedly, so the week kind of turned around in a hurry. Also? The posts I have in draft? They all involve a LOT of work.

And we all know how much I hate that.

I mean, some of them will require going through 200 pictures to narrow it down to the mere 149 that I will share with you. Even though we're now into fall, I'm assuming you still want to see pictures of some of our summer adventures.

Because EASTER.

Until I get around to those -- maybe next week? YOU KNOW BETTER THAN TO HOLD YOUR BREATH -- enjoy these pictures of Nick, Jake and Amelia with my friend Lisa's new Maltipoo puppy, Rocky.

They're in love.

Two items of particular note in these pictures. First, when Jake wears a collared shirt (he's the only one of the boys who still does -- he CHOOSES to, sometimes), he pops the collar.

Second, if I get near Amelia with so much as a hair clip -- not even a barrette, but just a little CLIP -- she yells "NO!" and pushes me away. But Miss Joycelyn at daycare managed to put not one, not two, but THREE pigtails in her hair yesterday. WITH ELASTIC BANDS.


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