Sep 26, 2014



You have brought a light into our lives – ALL of our lives – that none of us could have imagined.

When you walk into a room – well, you rarely walk … you run – you bring with you an energy that cannot be ignored.

You squeal with joy, you crinkle up your nose so that it’s the perfect companion to your impish smile, and you steal the hearts of everyone within striking distance.

And then you immediately ask them for boloney, a cheese stick and a yogurt.

I’ve never known a little girl who loves both princesses and dirt as much as you do. The messier the meal, the better, as far as you’re concerned.

Now, you DO love a good wipe. But not before getting as much yogurt, melted chocolate or cereal milk all over your person as is physically possible. 

Where do I start with you and your love for animals? To say you’re obsessed with Scout would be an understatement. You call him your “best fwiend.”

You won’t leave the house without giving him five minutes of hugs and kisses, and he’s waiting at the top of the stairs for more when you come home. If he’s not right there, you hunt him down.

And Maisy? Our backyard neighbor? You love that dog … you love to feed her treats and leftover hamburger and chicken from your plate, and if Daddy would let her move in, you’d bring her over tonight. 

All of us would give up a limb for your affection. You give it pretty freely – ON YOUR TERMS. You love to bestow hugs and kisses … when you feel like it. You love to cuddle and watch TV … when it suits you.

You love to tickle, wrestle and ride piggyback … when you’re in the mood. And of course we all eat it up with a spoon. 

Are you spoiled? Possibly a thousand percent. We just hope you can hide it long enough to marry well.

You are the sun, the moon and the stars to the five of us. Well, six if you count Scoutie, and I know you do.

Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet girl. You’ve given us three years that have exceeded even our wildest dreams. 

I love you,

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