Aug 21, 2014

Big Green Eggs in the Ham

A couple of months ago, Grayson forwarded me an email from work telling me that he could request a family pack of free tickets to an event that weekend not too far from us: Big Green Eggs in the Ham. At the time, I didn't even know that the tickets were worth a lot of money, but I was sold on the fact that the email said there would be free food and inflatables. I emailed back, "YES."

So that's how we found ourselves walking up to Big Green Eggs in the Ham that Saturday morning!

Although it was about 15 degrees warmer than I would've liked, it was a gorgeous day out at Ross Bridge.

The basic premise of the event was that all of the chefs (amateurs and professionals alike) had to grill their dishes on the Big Green Egg grills, then set them out for all of us to enjoy.

You might think people felt limited by having only a grill on which to cook. You'd be mistaken.

This was one of my very favorites, but there were delicious pizzas, chicken and pork dishes, and even cookies. YEP, somebody grilled chocolate chip cookies, AND THEY WERE INCREDIBLE.

The kids definitely ate their fair share of the food, but they also loved running around on The Green at Ross Bridge. Somebody knew there'd be a lot of kids there, because they set up a simple sprinkler and just waited for the first kids to start running through it. Fully clothed.

Didn't take Jakey long AT ALL. He might've broken a land-speed record getting over there.

Right there among all the runners and jumpers was a ginormous Big Green Egg.

I took this before Jake's shirt and short became shoo short for him even to wear to the gas station.{UPDATED: I am dying laughing because I'm re-reading this this morning. I fell asleep while writing this post last night -- APPARENTLY WHILE WRITING THIS SENTENCE. And then I just moved on. So this makes no sense at all. AT ALL. Neither does the next sentence, really. Bahahaha.}

It didn't take too long before he was "fully engulfed."

I think Grayson and I had a bite or two of everything -- and there must have been more than 20 tents there.

Some of the meat just fell right off the bone when you touched it! This was another one of my favorites, but I can't remember what it was. June, Internet. JUNE.

We stayed for maybe 90 minutes, and then even the kids were dying from the heat.

We may or may not have grabbed a couple of extra cookies for the road.

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