Jun 9, 2014

'Has anyone ever told you that you look like ...'

Unless you're about to tell a woman she reminds you of Kate Middleton or Halle Berry, there's a chance that you're about to offend her.

I mean, even if YOU think the person to whom you're comparing her is beautiful, SHE might have a completely different take on said person's appearance.

About 10 years ago, for example, I told someone she reminded me of Ellen DeGeneres (who I happen to think is beautiful), and she reacted as though I'd told her I thought she was Juliette Lewis's identical twin.


Anyway, I've told you before that the person to whom I've always been most frequently compared is Julie Brown. But yesterday, I met someone new at a Bible Study at Jamie's house. This is how that went:

Me: "Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you!"

Her: "You, too. Hey, you know who you look like? HELENA BONHAM CARTER."

Me: "Oh, really?"  [laughing]

Her: "Yeah, a lot. No one's ever told you that before? I mean, maybe it's mostly the hair, but yeah."

Internet. I literally couldn't stop laughing. No, no one's ever compared me to Helena Bonham Carter before -- TO MY FACE -- but that might be because she's widely regarded as a complete whack job, at least as far as her appearance goes.

But I can absolutely see a resemblance. I'm not so blind as to not see it, especially since I'd spent the three hours prior to Bible Study at the pool with our kids and didn't see my way clear to take a shower before leaving for Jamie's house. So ... my hair probably reflected that. But even without that, I can kind of see it. Pale skin, dark, WAY-OUT-OF-CONTROL dark hair, big brown eyes.

Has anyone ever compared you to someone -- a comparison that you might not have found complimentary? SPILL IT.

Professional images via cinemablend.com, misfitsvintage.com, goldderby.com, majorspoilers.com and dailyhairstyles.net.

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