May 15, 2014

My new blog design is live!

If you actually visit Grass Stains every day instead of reading my posts via email or in a feed reader such as feedly or Blog Lovin', then you know that yesterday my new page design went live!

My designer, the wonderful Colleen, and I, are still tweaking some things, but since we're already almost halfway through the year, I thought it was high time to go ahead and get the 2014 design out here. (You know, I only change things up once a year around here, so ... time's a' wastin'.)

Speaking of, if you weren't aware of the meaning of "irony," I believe it can be summed up with the following: The new design featuring photos taken six months ago went live during the EXACT SAME HOUR that Nathaniel's braces were being removed yesterday morning.

To sum it up, I can't win.

I do love the new design, but as soon as Colleen told me she'd started the install, I came over to take a peek and knew right away that the body text likely wasn't going to work. I mean, granted, I'm legally blind -- BY A MILE -- without corrective lenses, but even with them in, I kind of had to squint to read it. So even though I think it's CUTE AS A FREAKING BUTTON, I'm already talking to Colleen about an alternative. I'm keeping the headline typeface, but the body typeface is on its way out.

On Twitter, a couple of you also mentioned the background design (in the "gutters" on the left and right sides), that it makes you a little dizzy. I'm on the fence about that. I'm wondering if we lowered the opacity to about 50 percent if that would make it work a little better ... that's what I did with the chevron on the last version. I think I took it down to about 30-percent opacity so it wasn't as obvious.

Anyway, I'm listening to your feedback! I'm rarely actually ON my own blog ... I'm usually on the dashboard, behind-the-scenes, so I don't see the design elements as often as you do. Let me know what you think!

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