May 12, 2014

Friday-night flicks in the cul-de-sac

I was going back through iPhoto, laughing, because I'm still so far behind on posting since our trip to Disney IN FEBRUARY that I can't remember what I've posted and what I haven't.

As it turns out, I still haven't posted Easter or Jake's birthday party.


(I'm sure some of you did.) (I didn't.)

Me? I see nothing wrong with posting Easter photos around July 4th. So, prepare thyself, Internet.

But today I decided to share with you another early-Spring event, the beginning of our neighborhood's Friday-night Flicks.

Every Friday night in the Spring and Summer months, our neighbors gather in the cul-de-sac behind our house to watch a family-friendly movie.

One neighbor supplies the movie screen, projector and popcorn machine, and we all bring our own lawn chairs and drinks. We gather at sundown, and we have such a great time!

This year we've made it over for Frozen and Despicable Me 2, but they've also shown Tangled and Over the Hedge.

Although it's finally getting warmer now, the evenings up until now have continued to be so chilly that we've been wrapped up in blankets as we've watched.

The boys love being a part of this little neighborhood tradition -- in no small part because it allows them to stay up past their regular bedtime, but also because they DO love a good bowl of hot popcorn.

We typically wrap up around 9:00 or 9:15, and then we walk back through our darkened yards with our chairs and children in tow, our paths lit by the glow of our phones.

This same fun group of neighbors hosts a shrimp boil over Memorial Day that we attend when we're in town. What's funny is that we've lived in our house for almost 14 years, and for about 10 of those years, we thought most of our neighbors were kind of duds. Turns out, we just hadn't met the right ones!

Do you have any fun neighbors? What are your best neighborhood traditions?

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