Feb 20, 2014

Not dead. Yet.

I know you guys think I've fallen off the face of the Earth.

I haven't, but this "return to regular life" is almost making me wish I had.

Catching back up at work has been much more challenging than I'd hoped it would be; I was there until after 10:30 last night. Tell you what. Here's one more picture -- which some of you have already seen since you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram -- to tide you over until I can start posting regularly again.

Painted faces, of the three who haven't outgrown the fun of that yet. *sniff sniff*

NEON MUCH? Well. Ask me who could spot their four kids from 200 paces away in any crowd.

That's right, GRASS COULD.

See you Monday, God willing and the s&^t don't rise.

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