Dec 30, 2013

Nathaniel's 11th birthday party

Internet, I need you to go back in time with me. Back in time pre-Christmas, because basically, I took a break.

My sister was here, and I enjoyed the HECK out of her visit. And in doing so, I completely neglected my duties around here. So you know what that means. That means that while everyone else is moving on to their Word of the Year 2014! and New Year's Resolutions! ... you'll be reading about Nathaniel's December 19th birthday and our Christmas shenanigans for the next few days.

Hope you've made your peace with that.

We went to AirWalk for Nathaniel's birthday about a week and a half ago, right after my sister flew into town from Jackson, Wyo. Jet lag didn't slow her down too much. She flipped and jumped with the best of them.

But really, no one can resist a good foam pit. I mean, once they flip in, it's like a game of Where's Waldo.

We didn't do a big party for Nathaniel, but he did invite his friend Patrick to come with us. Patrick had never been to AirWalk, but he really liked it.

His joy was more palpable in person than pictured here.

Nick is probably our most enthusiastic jumper ... he's game for anything.

But Amelia is no slouch, herself. She gets out there with the big kids and is completely unintimidated.

She doesn't let anybody get in her way or tell her what to do.

The birthday boy had a great night ... we paid for two hours and he jumped for every bit of that time.

Amelia made it through the first hour and about five minutes into the second hour before she reached Critical Mass.

It's a lot of energy for a little girl to expend without a nap, you know.

So Sarah Ellen and I packed her up and took her home, leaving all of the boys to finish out our package.

We wanted to be sure the cake was ready and waiting when they got there!

Our cake lady had outdone herself again, this time with a Clash of Clans cake.

 Nothing says "happy birthday" like a tough guy who needs some serious dental work, am I right?

Okay, dental work AND A CODPIECE. Those are definitely the hallmarks of birthday greetings everywhere.

Nathaniel was thrilled with it, so it must have looked good. It was strawberry cake with butter cream icing.

He didn't have any trouble blowing the candles out ... I was nice and grouped them close together.

Maybe as his lungs grow, I should start fanning them out to the four corners of the cake or something.

Afterward, he had a low-key opening of his gifts, which included books and a DVD set from my parents, Amazon gift cards from Grayson's extended family, and $25 from us to go into his savings account (he's saving up to buy his own phone one day). 

I think he'd say it was a good birthday ... the older they get, the harder it is to know "how much to do" and what's appropriate for their ages. We feel like he (and our other kids) already have so much, but many of his friends already have phones. We've told him he has to wait until this Fall, when he starts middle school, to get one.

What kinds of limits have you set for your kids? What age or grade do you think is appropriate for a cell phone of their own?

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