Dec 12, 2013

Batman, Spider-Man and The Hulk

** EDITED TO ADD: If you have professional, high-res photos of your kids (or yourself, I guess!) to which you'd like to have special effects added, Allen will do that for $20 per photo. But it can't be a cameraphone picture ... it needs to be high-res. He's good, but he's not Jesus. Email me or leave a Comment if you want Allen's contact information and I'll send it to you! **

When our friend Allen took our family pictures for our Christmas cards and the superhero/princess pictures of the kids, I also asked him to Photoshop one of each of the boys to give them some extra "pop."

He did that with their Harry Potter pictures last year, and they adored them ... they're some of their favorites. I think these will be some of their favorites, too!

I wanted to share some of the regular ones he took, as well as the "special" ones he did for the boys -- you'll know which ones they are. Enjoy!

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