Nov 27, 2013

Pinch-hitting: Uncomfortable truths by Jan Moyer, take 2

Jan guest-posted with her first set of Uncomfortable Truths in August, and of course she was a huge hit with you guys. Because OBVIOUSLY.

So I invited her back for an encore, and she turned five more Uncomfortable Truths around in no time. Enjoy, Internet!

1. I cannot adjust straps. Tether straps on highchair seats, strollers, helmets, backpacks and carts holding down TVs at school all baffle me and can reduce me to toddler-like frustration. But mostly I give up and walk away.

2. I once canceled a playdate due to a gigantic pimple that appeared overnight.

3. I really, really like Neil Diamond.

4. I forget how to pronounce "Nanaimo" so I just refer to them as "those layered bars with the custard, you know..." and wait for the other person to say it.

[Editor's Note: I have never heard of these things, but she's CANADIAN, so that's a totally viable explanation. But here's a picture of some. I'd eat 'em.]

5. Last year I was asked by a student teacher if I was pregnant. I pretended the question didn't bother me, but then I went home and put my shirt through the paper shredder. Obviously it was the shirt's fault.

Now, go follow @moyermama on Twitter, where she is undeniably hilarious and will brighten your every single day.

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