Nov 11, 2013


Sorry I went AWOL last week. It was unplanned and unintentional. Things at work have been a little intense lately, and I flew out Friday to work in Houston for the weekend ... so the entire week just got away from me.

I'd like to thank you all for not calling the police. It nearly happened, you know, because some of you readers take your job here very seriously. I wanted to share this hilarious email with you that I received last Friday from Loyal Reader Leslee. Titled "Three days," here it is:

Well, thank goodness for Twitter or I’d be sending out a search party.
I can hear it now…

“Well, sir I don’t really know who is missing, but she’s missing from her blog.” 

“Yes, sir…her blog…like on the computer.”

“Who is she?  Well, I don’t reeeally know her per se, but she’s this lady from Hoover Alabama as far as I can tell, she’s got four kids and a husband named Grayson and she drives a minivan. Her name is Katherine, unless it is a blog alias.”

“Excuse me…a blog alias is where someone posts about their life, but doesn’t use their real name. She is a regular and hasn’t posted in 3 days and I’m afraid she might be missing or something has happened to her. I couldn’t really enjoy my coffee this morning without a post so I thought I’d better call the police.”

Dial tone…

Bahahahahaha! So thanks, all of you regular readers who managed to make it through the rest of your week without so much as a Hello from me. I hoped that if you were paying attention, you noticed I was alive and well by peeking at Twitter in the sidebar. I practically wrote a post about Disney on Ice on Thursday night -- COMPLETE WITH VIDEOS -- on Twitter, by the way.

I'll try to do better this week. So much to write about, so little time ...

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